VW 1998-2000
Verena Winkelmann

11,5 x 13 cm
44 pages
Digital print, softcover
Edition of 100,
ISBN 978-82-92224-54-0

€ 23

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V.W. Verena Winkelmann 1998-2000 is a book comprised of self-portraits the artist made at the beginning of her studies. The photographs were made with many film stocks, and have been reproduced with attention to the geist of their making—a young artist acting for the camera, playing with their sexuality, pushing the boundaries of what is private to see themselves from the outside.

Responding to the canon of female artists photographing themselves, the project has renewed relevance in the era of the selfie. It also contextualizes Winkelmann’s recent projects, which continue to explore the simultaneous vulnerability and vulgarity of the body.

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