Fold Out by Verena Winkelmann

23 x 31,5 cm
80 pages
Offset print, softcover
Edition of 300,
Design: Eller med a
ISBN 978-82-92224-46-5

€ 30

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Fold Out, Winkelmann’s 5th monograph, deals with the naked human body of different ages, genders and ethnicities. The body forms the basis for our experience of ourselves and the world. Winkelmann has engaged in close dialogue with various bodies and investigates the extent to which the body can be represented without shame and without the viewer becoming a voyeur. She has wanted to explore the potential of the body as material and the ornamental potential of its forms. Through fragmentation and close studies the book is a search for what the undisguised and uncosmeticized body looks like.

The body has always been a political battlefield. Different ways of exercising power and ideologies tame and shape our bodies. Through photographic representation and ideals of self-realization, stereo¬types are produced and confirmed. Most of the bodies we see in public are sexualized and perfected; the naked body unfiltered has come to seem both alien and dangerous. Winkelmann makes us aware of this sense of shame and thus turns the focus on something as unusual as the body with no staging or sales potential.