Ducks in a Row
Marte Aas

21 x 27,2 cm, 232 pages
Offset print,
Edition of 300
Design: Blank Blank/Sandra Stokka
ISBN 978-82-92224-57-1

€ 40

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Ducks in a Row is an artist book/monograph that thematizes five different films and a number of art projects made by Marte Aas in the years 2017 to 2023, whose focus and scope is differing yet encompassed by the investigation of and deep interest in technology and how it shapes our lives, bodies and politics. Ducks in a Row comes together as a book made from the cacophony of the artistic process with multiple different points of entry and lines of thought. The book is thus a comprehensive documentation of film work, still images, sketches and research material from her art production throughout this period. Texts by Line Ulekleiv, Ingvil Hellstrand, Mike Sperlinger and Per Schreiner.