Lost in Sápmi
Margareta Bergman

16,5 x 23,5 cm
48 pages
Offset print, softcover
Edition of 500

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History is a realistic genre. However, one can ask what kind of realism is at play, and what kind of truth is historical.

Vilse i Sameland (Lost in Sápmi) is a photo book containing images produced during an artist residency at Varanger Samiske Museum in Varangerbotn, Troms and Finnmark county, Northern Norway, in 2008. The book is part of a project inviting a reconsideration of history-making and cultural heritage, specifically via the institutions that exhibit visual and material culture. An outsider’s gaze is integral to the approach, the goal being to see the history-making process and showcase it in a problematized way. The design of the book is inspired by catalogs produced by folk museums, a strategy employed to speak to the methods of museum presentation.

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