Line Bøhmer Løkken

13,5 x 19 cm
72 pages
Offset print, hardcover
Edition of 300
ISBN 978-82-92224-21-2

€ 30

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Sameti is a book comprised of photographs Løkken made in and around a small cottage on Thokampen, a hill-side farm in Sel Municipality, Norway. This title, Sameti, “I thirst,” refers to the cottage — named by its owner, Marcello Haugen, Norway’s most famous psychic medium.

Since it was built in 1915, Sameti has remained open to the public — regardless of Haugen’s death in 1967. It is widely accepted that Sameti, and the materials left there, are imbued. Løkken’s photographs, made a century after the cottage was built, depict this environment — where objects remain meaningful, powerful agents. 

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