Pictures and Things 
Line Bøhmer Løkken

21 x 22,5 cm
48 pages
Offset print, hardcover with embossed cloth
Edition of 700
ISBN 978-82-92224-03-8


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Pictures and Things is a book about exactly that: pictures of staged and un-staged situations in rural surroundings exist side-by-side with things — “leftovers” from daily life. At first glance, some of the images are easy to decode, others not. Collected within the photo book, the images challenge each other. Freed from a specific genre, open, they require effort to place.

Continuing in Løkken’s long-standing interest in specific places, and how we experience and describe a place through photography, Pictures and Things challenges the documentary genre and our expectation that photographs should arrive with their meaning defined for us. There is an invitation to see the everyday material world anew, to re-assess it, and to re-write its story.

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