Circular Exercises 
Line Bøhmer Løkken

20 x 29 cm
32 pages
Offset print, singer sewn 
Edition of 500
ISBN 978-82-92224-09-0

€ 18

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Line Løkken’s Circular Exercises is a playful and experimental photo book, testing the boundaries of the photographic image. From spread to spread, we are led through the book via a series of circles: we move between small, overseen objects from everyday life to the incomprehensible spectacle of the universe. Taking the viewer into the close and familiar, but also outward, into the infinite, Circular Exercises emphasizes the performative aspect of reading images in a book. Through associations to forms we recognize at the edge of our consciousness, and visual observations we are certain of, we are invited into a heightened gaze of the world.

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