Angle 4° by Line B. Løkken
Pitching pennies

14,8 x 20 cm
24 pages
Offset print
Edition of 300, numbered

€ 11

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Line B. Løkken takes her point of departure in documentary strategies, but empties her pictures of obvious action. The specific place is allowed to appear through isolated objects and tableaux which represent something larger. In Pitching pennies Løkken penetrates to a backdrop of heritage and memories by way of a place that seems impregnated with human activity. The motifs appear to be linked to the idea of the humble cottage. Here there is space for potentially nostalgic bric-à-brac, but also objects with an unclear practical purpose. Løkken’s title plays on a typical spring game, and interweaves images of Scrabble, piles of chalk and an old crossword book. On the opposite face of the squares and alphabet dice of the Scrabble box (which quietly spell b-r-ø-l – “roar”) is a horn on which some tufts of grass have been caught. Maturing, aging and new freshness play together over the pages, also in tactile and colouristic ways.

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